About & The Team

Who is behind LOV+R?
How did we come up with this idea?


Josephine Declerck

Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, Art Expert and Women Empowerment Pioneer.
Josephine came up with the idea of love capsules for festivals at Field Day in August 2022. Standing behind a tall handsome guy at the Chemical Brothers concert, she realised that it would be so much easier if festivals had love capsules available for a bit of fun between 2 songs.

She is also working on the first female pleasuring kits for the office.

Stay tuned! :)

IMG-20221129-WA0047_2 (1).jpg

Lucie Dewaleyne

Graphic Designer and Product Designer

Both well established in the gender positivity and LGBTQIA+ community. Josephine and Lucie met and Lucie immediately liked the Lov+R project.